How Selena Gomez Taught Us All a Lesson in Social Media Etiquette.

A few days ago my sister and I were about to watch a movie. Needless to say, we were minding our own business when I decided to hop on twitter to see what the rest of the world was up to. What I saw was EXTREMELY hysterical. My sister and I were in my room literally screaming and laughing our butts off. We had found our comic relief for the night. If you don’t live under a rock, I am sure you know about the Kimye/Taylor Swift drama. If you don’t know about it, google (she’s your best friend). Anyways, I am not writing this post to take sides on the issue because we all know that it’ll be over soon enough.  But in an effort to strike while the iron is hot, I want to address two particular things:

1.) The RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING power of the internet

2.) We all need a chill button… a think before you post button

Let’s get started shall we…

The RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING power of the Internet

What a time to be alive indeed. The global citizens of the internet never cease to amaze me. I am once again genuinely impressed with the way we can all come together as global citizens to discuss topics that radically affect society or just to watch our favorite TV shows. When we choose to harness this power to do something worthwhile, I strongly believe we will  be an unstoppable force.


We all need a chill button… a think before you tweet/post button

So, when Kim Kardashian West floored us by giving us ALL the receipts, the internet went nuts. Everybody lost their chill, including celebrity internet citizens. Take Selena Gomez for instance…

Selena Gomez Tweet

When this girl decided to tweet this, I let out the longest WHYYYY?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?! One thing you must know about me is that I am a fan of this girl. She seems like a really sweet girl. So, when she decided to tweet her sentiments, I said nope… nope…not this time… you can’t dig your way out of this one Dorothy. You have to survive being dragged up and down this internet tonight.

The thing is I get her heart, I get where she is coming from. She is defending her friend. She feels like there are other things for Mrs. West to use her influence for (namely the latest evils of the world).  But the truth remains, Mrs. West has used her influence and social media platform to speak on issues concerning our society while Gomez barely has.What makes this worse  is that she has the largest social media following on Instagram!!

Now, Gomez behind closed doors may  really be heart-broken about the events going on in our world. She may indeed be praying for the world to change but because we have no evidence of that, a large population of society will judge her based on her spare of the moment tweets rather what may genuinely be happening. This is not an attack on Selena but it is to say if you are going to tweet/post in the heat of the moment, you must suffer the consequences of that tweet. This not only goes for Selena but for our entire generation. Our typical attitude towards social media is, we think it, we post it. It seems as if we never take a moment to think about what we are saying and how it will affect people. I am not saying stifle your voice. Nope, I am not here for that. However, I am indeed saying think about what you are posting before posting it.

If you really feel like you have something to say and need to get it out, get a journal. No really, get a journal. It is a life-saving investment. When you feel that impulse to post something that you know deep down you shouldn’t be posting, grab your journal and write it out. Here’s a simple yet life-saving advice about posting on social media, NEVER post anything while angry. In the heat of the moment, you don’t care about what you are posting but when that moment has passed by, feelings of regret and shame begin to surface and internet citizens that have NO MERCY begin to rip you to shreds. A journal gives you a safe space to release your angry thoughts without being judged. And if you still want to post after you have journal-ed, hopefully you will be posting in a clear level-headed state rather than a state of rage. Nothing good ever comes  from being in a state of rage… ever.

Again, I could care less about the Kimye/Taylor feud but I feel like there is a lesson to be learned from it and it is this…use your chill button. Calm down and think before you post anything on social media.


If you read through this WHOLE post, you are the real MVP.



Until next time,

Emem Joy Emah

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