Is it me or are we losing our humanity?!


Ok, it’s been a while and I have some explaining to do. But mannnnnnn… honestly, life got the better of me. Things got real and HARD. REAL HARD. I needed sometime away. I didn’t want to write from an empty and exhausted space but from a full and peaceful one. So, here I am. I am ready and revitalized to keep moving forward. And don’t worry, one day soon, I’ll delve into some of the things that were going on.  

I’ve been away but by no means have I been under a rock. Lots has happened but I want to focus on some specific headlines.

In keeping up with the latest headlines (and the comments people make about them), I found one common thread: we have forgotten about our humanity. When I say we have forgotten or better yet lost our humanity, I mean that there is no sense of compassion or love like there once was. Not that we have always been the most compassionate peoples but maybe in my naivety, I felt we still had a fraction of compassion left. Not so. Things have been happening that has caused me to grieve greatly and be intently compassionate towards people.  

Have you read the latest headlines or comments about the latest headlines?! I mean from police brutality to the comments people have about the events going on in the lives of public figures, I genuinely question mankind’s ability to love and be kind. It’s a bit drastic, I know but it’s been difficult for me to see anything else. Okay, let’s examine the latest headlines that have peaked my interest within the last few months…


Terence Crutcher and More…

Jesus! If this does not scream lack of humanity and compassion I don’t know what does?! I know this isn’t new. I know this injustice and lack of moral compass has been happening for years now but it doesn’t make it any less disheartening ESPECIALLY because as a black woman this could happen to me or any of my family members. My hope is that as young people, we would not stop talking about this issue and peacefully protesting. The habit for media or any bureaucracy at large is to cover up or deny the most important issues. It is ONLY when we raise our voices in unity that they will bow to our demands.

Kid Cudi & Selena Gomez

Whew. My heart goes out to these too. Again, I know this happens all the time and the tendency is to ignore public figures that check into rehab but we forget that before anything else, they are human. They live and breathe just like everyone else. And what concerns me  most about our society is that we celebrate people when they die and not while they are alive. With that being said, Kid Cudi, I celebrate you for choosing the path of healing rather than taking your life, which I am sure you have been tormented to do for years. I pray you get the peace that you need and continue to be a voice for this generation. Same goes to you Selena.  Girl, focus on you! Get your health and sanity back. Your fans and the world can wait.

Kim Kardashian West Robbery

Yet another public figure that we forget is a HUMAN being. I don’t have to agree with Mr and Mrs. West’s antics to empathize with them during this traumatizing time. Her robbery especially hit close to home  because when I was a little girl, my family and I were robbed in our home and held at gunpoint. It was one of the SCARIEST days of my life and I will never forget it. During this time, a lot of the blame is being put on her for flashing her jewelry on social media (which I don’t disagree with) but what remains bothersome is the lack of empathy that is apparent when people talk about her flashing her jewelry on social media. She shouldn’t have done that,  we all agree, but she is still going through a shocking and traumatic event. All I am saying is let your words heal and not JUST point out the obvious cause.  

All I am saying is be compassionate with your words, especially on social media. Don’t forget your humanity. Your compassion. Your heart. Just because the world is going crazy doesn’t mean you have to be too. Treat others the way you would want to be treated ESPECIALLY online. Evaluate the words you write on social media. If you wouldn’t want something written about you, don’t write it about someone else- public figure or not.

My hope, prayer, desire and dream is that we would use our voices collectively to dismantle systems built on fear and hatred rather than speaking or writing harshly about people we know little or nothing about.


You are so awesome for reading this post. Thank you!


Warm regards,

Emem Joy Emah


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