The Key to Devon Franklin’s Rise to Success

Happy LATE Thanksgiving and a very EARLY Merry Christmas! I love this time of the year. It is such a restful yet reflective time. It is a time to rest, to enjoy your family and friends while also reflexively looking over your year to celebrate your accomplishments and reassess your priorities. Its truly a great time.

During my time of reflection, I stumbled upon this Devon Franklin Interview with Lewis Howes. It was a very insightful and educational interview that touched on many points including:

His dramatic shift from football to entertainment

His rise from internship to Senior VP of Production for Columbia Tristar Pictures to his current ownership of Franklin Entertainment

Not buying into the status quo and not bowing down to what society normalizes

Being the hero of your own story

And much more…

But, what touched me the most was his professed key to success: servitude. Man, you don’t hear that everyday now do you? He stated the following about service:

“Service is king and it is the key to your ascension.”

I believe this is such a powerful lesson to learn because our world today tells us that there are many paths to success: education, ambition, knowledge, and etc, but service is rarely emphasized.

Interviewer Lewis Howes added his own sentiments about service:

“The greatest leaders in the world lead in service. That’s their mission, it’s to serve others. It is my mission to serve others…”

In essence, great leaders are servants. They always carry the posture of servitude in their hearts. And that is what causes ascension and success.

So in watching this interview, I was reminded that in order to keep moving forward and climb the ladder of success, I will need the combined ingredients of service and commitment.

Watch the interview HERE and tell me your take-away!


Until next time

Emem Joy Emah



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