A Candid Conversation with Christina Kanu


Its been a while since I have written a post but that’s for good reason. I launched a podcast! It’s not something that I really planned on doing but it kind of fell on my lap. Truthfully, It was inspired by the good Lord himself. I honestly have been enjoying creating content for it because I realized I have so much to say and for now, instead of just writing it, I want to say it.

I am four episodes deep and today I drop my fifth episode:) This episode is pretty special because its my first interview!

CK quote 2

You know when you know someone, but you don’t really know them, but you greatly admire them from afar?! Well, I got to interview that person. Christina Kanu is someone I have admired greatly. So, when I got the chance to interview her, I quickly pulled all the questions I have been DYING to ask her! Located below is the result of this conversation.


In this episode, we talk business, academics, #blackwomenatwork, being young and facing intimidation, her love for the African American Community, her pregnancy journey and so much more! In addition, she drops pearls of wisdom that will help you get your ENTIRE life together! So sit back, relax and enjoy because I guarantee this is a conversation you won’t forget!


Listen to the interview here


For more information about Christina visit:

Website: ChristinaKanu.com

Twitter: @misskanu

Instagram: @misskanu

Facebook: Christina Kanu


As always, thanks for taking a shot with me.



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