Hold on, Change is Coming

And just like that, the week has come and gone!

Hi Friend,

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed your week thus far. I know I have (well.. kinda). Honestly, I’ve had a week of growth. I experienced another lesson life threw at me that quite frankly, I didn’t want to or feel like learning. But I did anyway. I learned that I’ve got some serious trust issues lol. That in order for my relationship with friends, family, loved ones and God to move to a deeper level of intimacy, I need to let go and trust. Trust, even when I don’t understand. Genuinely trusting is such a vulnerable yet powerful place. AND it is THE hardest thing to do when one’s trust (my trust) has been violated over and over again. But again, like I said, I am ever learning.

Ok. Moving on…

unnamed.jpg Change is coming final graphic

Today I am releasing another episode of my podcast Take A Shot! with Emem Joy Emah. Side note, I am so proud of myself for my consistency thus far. These things are hard as crap to make and put out, ESPECIALLY on a consistent basis and the fact that I am eight episodes in, feels like a miracle (Thanks be to Jesus lol. But for real though).  This time, I get a little personal as I talk about the value of the struggle. I reminisce on a recent time when I got to see the fruit of  my struggle. And I remind you (and myself) that change is coming. Seriously, I can feel it!

Listen and let me know what you think!

Listen Here

You are seriously so awesome for reading and listening.

Thanks for taking a shot with me!


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