Time to Grow Up

Hi Friend,

Happy Happy Happy fourth of July week. Oddly enough, I enjoyed this fourth of July holiday. I say it’s odd because I didn’t do much of anything. I honestly spent much of it with my sister and eventually just myself and I LOVED it. Truthfully. I cooked, I watched movies, and I relaxed. It took me a long time to get here but I am here. I FINALLY enjoyed my own company. I finally acknowledged that I am never alone, that God is truly always with me annnnddddd I watched some pretty cool movies. It felt really good.
How did you spend your fourth of July? I hope you had a blast! I hope you got to see some amazing fireworks. Chances are, if we follow each other on social media, I got to see them too. So thanks for sharing 🙂 And if we don’t follow one another on social media, we should change that 🙂
Moving on…

On a very lazy Wednesday evening I was laying in my bed, absent-mindedly perusing twitter, when I stumbled upon the Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna debacle. Now, I am not one to speak publicly on situations I know nothing of, but I felt there was something here. I felt in the midst of the “juicy” drama, there was a lesson that needed to be emphasized. So of course, I grabbed my handy-dandy recording tools and I got to work. The result is what you hear on the most recent episode of my podcast.

Take a listen and share your thoughts.

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Thanks for taking a shot with me!

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