Your Personal Letters

Hi Friend,

Happy Thursday! I hope this week has brought you lots of good things and tidings. I spent the most of my week traveling and have honestly been a little wiped out! But I couldn’t resist bringing you the final episode of season one of Take a Shot! With Emem Joy Emah. It has been one of my absolute pleasures to produce and share weekly (well, almost weekly) content with you. I fully express that in this episode.

Secondly, I introduce, your personal letters.

I remember in high school, before Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, blogs and the like, my friends and I would exchange hand-written letters to one another. We would write letters informing each others on updates and current happenings in our lives. They were private and sacred. One of the best feelings in the world was receiving a letter from a dear friend that I knew was written for my eyes only. I felt so loved and so special whenever I received those letters. I still cherish those times and letters today.

As life went on, as is normal, my friends and I separated and I no longer received those letters. But, I continued in that tradition. I continued writing personal letters to friends and family because I just LOVED the idea of writing and specifically designing a letter with a loved one in mind.

Now, I would like to bring this to you. What will be in these letters? Well, I’m glad you asked! Once a month, I would like to send you a personal letter filled with current on-goings, personal life lessons, and that extra nudge to keep you going. No, this is not a scam. I promise to keep your information private and I promise not to spam you. So what are you waiting for?! Click the link and sign up below! You won’t regret it

Take a listen and share your thoughts.

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Thanks for taking a shot with me!



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