The Secret to Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Throughout my life, I have been obsessed with the idea of purpose. I have always had a desire to do something meaningful and impactful with my life, but while growing up, I wasn’t quite sure what that was. I often felt lost, confused, and lacked direction.

I remember kneeling by my bedside asking God to help me find what I was supposed to do with my life. I had a great hunger to know.

During my college years, I went through a very traumatic experience. That experience became a turning point in my journey to FINALLY gaining clarity about my purpose.

On today’s latest episode, I share that experience and the things I’ve learned so far with you.

Watch here

Listen here

Friend, I hope that as you hear my story, you would be ignited on your purpose journey. I hope that my experience ignites a desire to believe again, to dream again, and against all the odds KNOW that you too are destined for something wonderful.


Purpose looks good on you,

Emem Joy Emah



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