3 Signs Your Friendship Might Be Over

Hey Friend!

Did you catch Ciara’s level up video?! If you haven’t been living under a rock, I’m sure you have. I absolutely LOVE that video/song. (welllll… actually, I  just love Ciara so I am definitely biased).

But what I love more than the song and video is the message of “leveling up”.

To me, leveling up is the willing act of releasing everything that weighs you down in order to evolve into a greater version of yourself.

  • That greater version of yourself is unapologetic.
  • That greater version of yourself realizes he or she owes NO ONE ANYTHING.
  • That greater version of yourself knows his or her worth.
  • That greater version of yourself is committed to leaving a mark on this world by pursuing purpose.
  • That greater version of yourself is the person you’ve always dreamed of becoming.


BUTTT let’s keep it alllll the way REAL…

Getting to this place is not easy. It requires making some hard decisions. Sometimes, it requires loss.


Dissolving a friendship can be a very painful experience. However, you will find that as you are evolving, not everyone can go where you are going. And truthfully, that’s a tough pill to swallow especially when you expect a life-long friendship.


But often, this is what leveling up demands. It requires taking honest inventory and realizing when two roads are beginning to diverge.


On today’s episode, I share with you three signs that your friendship might be over.



Friend…I sincerely hope this episode is an eye-opener on your journey to leveling up.


Here’s to your glow up,

Emem Joy Emah



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