Can’t find a job?! Watch this…

I had been in a difficult place for a long time…

It felt like everyone was progressing but me. I kept praying and asking… what am I missing?!

You know what I’m talking about…

You know the feeling…

You know what it feels like to experience tough times and feel like you are in it all by yourself. You know what it feels like when  everyone seems to have it all figured out BUT YOU…

I was in this place for yearsss

I felt stuck

Was I doing something wrong?

Was this some sort of punishment from God?

I did everything I was supposed to do and nothing was working…

Unfortunately this led to a breakdown. But this breakdown caused me to finally realize the missing piece that changed everything.

I share that one missing ingredient on today’s episode of Take a Shot! with Emem Joy Emah




Friend…as always,  I hope this episode brings hope and peace to whatever circumstance you might be facing today.

With love, 

Emem Joy Emah

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