Jealousy…the ugly eight letter word

About a year ago, if you had asked me if I was a jealous person, I would have confidently said no. I sincerely believed that I was secure in my own lane, doing my own thing, until God called me out on my bluff.

There was a lady on social media that I was secretly obsessed with. I would stalk her on instagram every single day. She seemed to be living the life that I believed I should have been living. I did not follow her instagram page but behind closed doors, I would complain to EVERYONE about ANYTHING she did that I deemed negative.

One night, I was going on another rant about the “wrongdoings” of this lady until my sister finally had enough and asked me to shut it down. For some reason, this caused me to wonder why I spoke so much about this lady. In that moment, God revealed to me that I was actually jealous of this woman.

At first, I doubted it. After all, I did not consider myself a jealous person. But, after looking at all the signs, I realized I was indeed jealous. It shocked and saddened me.

I then became determined to rid myself of jealousy. I realized it was an ugly and sneaky character trait and I in no way, shape, or form wanted anything to do with it.

In today’s episode, I share the things I did to overcome jealousy of this woman and how I continue to reject jealousy in my daily life.




With love,

Emem Joy Emah

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