Okay it’s getting real. This is the part of the journey that I soak up EVERY encouraging word I can get. I desperately need it.

When I set out to pursue purpose, I was so enthusiastic. I was ready to take on the world and I just knew everything was going to line up in my favor as I continued to work hard.

As you have probably guessed, things have not quite worked out the way I expected.  Truthfully, as of late, there has not been a day that I have seriously not considered quitting. If you are taking a shot then you know this crap is HARD. It just is. And NO ONE prepares you for how hard it is when you begin pursuing purpose. But God will just not let me quit. He is that small voice in my heart telling me that I need to carry on, that this is MUCH bigger than me.

So here I am again, with another episode of my podcast. 

So let’s begin again…

Hi friend,

You’re here! You’re doing this thing! You are FINALLY taking a shot. Unfortunately things aren’t panning out the way they should and your once enthusiasm is beginning to wane.

Maybe it’s time to look at things from a different angle. Maybe it’s time to redefine success.

As I have stated before, I never present you with information as an expert, but rather I come alongside you to share what I am learning as I am taking a shot myself. While in prayer, ready to bow out gracefully, I got these encouraging pointers that is currently changing and re-framing my thought process and I know it will do the same for you.

Listen, be inspired, and don’t forget to share what you are learning on your journey as well.

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Thanks for taking a shot with me!



And just like that, the week has come and gone!

Hi Friend,

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed your week thus far. I know I have (well.. kinda). Honestly, I’ve had a week of growth. I experienced another lesson life threw at me that quite frankly, I didn’t want to or feel like learning. But I did anyway. I learned that I’ve got some serious trust issues lol. That in order for my relationship with friends, family, loved ones and God to move to a deeper level of intimacy, I need to let go and trust. Trust, even when I don’t understand. Genuinely trusting is such a vulnerable yet powerful place. AND it is THE hardest thing to do when one’s trust (my trust) has been violated over and over again. But again, like I said, I am ever learning.

Ok. Moving on…

unnamed.jpg Change is coming final graphic

Today I am releasing another episode of my podcast Take A Shot! with Emem Joy Emah. Side note, I am so proud of myself for my consistency thus far. These things are hard as crap to make and put out, ESPECIALLY on a consistent basis and the fact that I am eight episodes in, feels like a miracle (Thanks be to Jesus lol. But for real though).  This time, I get a little personal as I talk about the value of the struggle. I reminisce on a recent time when I got to see the fruit of  my struggle. And I remind you (and myself) that change is coming. Seriously, I can feel it!

Listen and let me know what you think!

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You are seriously so awesome for reading and listening.

Thanks for taking a shot with me!


Hi Friend,

Today I am launching another fresh and brand spankin’ new episode on my podcast Take A Shot! with Emem Joy Emah. Listen as I have an insightful, frank, and unapologetic conversation with rap artist T.Cooke.

Listen, enjoy, and let me know what you think!

unnamed.jpg Cooke Quote

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Thanks for taking a shot with me!


Hi Friend,

Today, I launched a new episode on my podcast Take A Shot! with Emem Joy Emah

In a world filled with chaos, it is important that we know our happy place. Also, I interview Founder & CEO of WakeUpQueen Ministries, Abisola Queen. Listen as she gives insights on her journey with God, depression, marriage, and more.

unnamed.png Abisola Queen Character

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Thanks for taking a shot with me!



Its been a while since I have written a post but that’s for good reason. I launched a podcast! It’s not something that I really planned on doing but it kind of fell on my lap. Truthfully, It was inspired by the good Lord himself. I honestly have been enjoying creating content for it because I realized I have so much to say and for now, instead of just writing it, I want to say it.

I am four episodes deep and today I drop my fifth episode:) This episode is pretty special because its my first interview!

CK quote 2

You know when you know someone, but you don’t really know them, but you greatly admire them from afar?! Well, I got to interview that person. Christina Kanu is someone I have admired greatly. So, when I got the chance to interview her, I quickly pulled all the questions I have been DYING to ask her! Located below is the result of this conversation.


In this episode, we talk business, academics, #blackwomenatwork, being young and facing intimidation, her love for the African American Community, her pregnancy journey and so much more! In addition, she drops pearls of wisdom that will help you get your ENTIRE life together! So sit back, relax and enjoy because I guarantee this is a conversation you won’t forget!


Listen to the interview here


For more information about Christina visit:

Website: ChristinaKanu.com

Twitter: @misskanu

Instagram: @misskanu

Facebook: Christina Kanu


As always, thanks for taking a shot with me.




It truly is the MOST wonderful time of the year… isn’t it?


Christmas lights

Christmas music

Presents under the tree

It’s all magical.




Honestly it wasn’t that way for me. Although my family celebrates Christmas, we did not celebrate it in the traditional (American) way. Meaning, there were no lights, no trees, no presents under the tree. We just went to church and that was how we celebrated. So I resented the holiday. In my younger years, all my friends at school talked about what they got for Christmas and I felt that I would either have to lie about getting things, make up this magical Christmas experience or be quiet. I did all three.


I think the thing that frustrated me the most was that my parents could afford the gifts, the lights and the sparkles but they just chose not to do that. It wasn’t the way they grew up and they didn’t see the need to emphasize on all that. Instead, our faith was the epicenter of Christmas hence our going to church.


In hindsight, I thank them now for doing this for me. In all honestly life has been especially hard lately. Being in my twenties and trying to figure things out has had its VERY challenging moments. And celebrating Christmas this year would have been a challenging moment for me but realizing what my parents did for me shifted things into perspective.


NOW don’t get me wrong, I love all the fluff but through my  parents way of celebrating Christmas, I am now learning that Christmas has little to do with the fluff and much more to do with the most important things that we tend to neglect. Things like…





Current Possessions


Let me break it down.


Jesus — He’s the reason for the season. Period. This holiday season we are celebrating his birth. The fact that he was born, lived among us, took on the sins of the world, died, and rose again. He did all this so that we could have a personal relationship with the Father (God). Now yes, technically he wasn’t born on December 25th and blah blah blah but it’s still a time to celebrate him for what he did for humanity. And yes, we should also celebrate him the other 364 days a year but celebrating him on Christmas is cool too.


Family— My family is ALIVE and WELL. I recently heard that this is the time of the year that people experience the most deaths. The fact that not only do I have my family but they are all in good health is another wonderful reason to celebrate.


Health— My health is my wealth and despite the terrible junk I eat – that I KNOW I shouldn’t be eating, I am still in great health. I am immensely grateful for that.


Current possessions— Lately I have been noticing a lot of homeless people. I don’t know why but I see how many of them hold signs begging for money while cars pass them by day after day and give them nothing. It’s heartbreaking really. Then I think about how that person would love to be in my situation. I think about how that person would view my “problems” as their blessing. It definitely changes my perspective.


Listen, the purpose of this article is not to preach at you but rather it’s to ask you  to focus on what you have instead of what you don’t. If you took the time to look around you would see that you indeed have a lot to be thankful for. Christmas is not about the gifts or the lights or  the fluff but instead it is about a wonderful Savior that took on the sins of the world so that we could be in a personal relationship with God. That’s the real reason for the season. Aside from that, nothing truly matters.


So, if you don’t have gifts or lights or fluff- that is OK. Instead grab your friends and family and go to church OR read the nativity story  (Luke 2) OR watch a nativity movie OR just eat and laugh and enjoy the wealth of being surrounded by family and or friends that love you because that’s what Christmas is TRULY about. You forget about the fluff but the memory of being surrounded by loved ones will be etched into your memory for eternity.


So… MERRY CHRISTMAS! Please enjoy your day because you have a lot to celebrate!


Secondly, thank you for reading, liking, posting and sharing the contents of this website. I am honored that the words I have written have touched your life in some way, shape or form. I will not be posting any new content for the remainder of the year but will return in 2017. Again, from the bottom of my heart… thank you.



See you in 2017,

Emem  Joy Emah



PS: If you got offended or simply don’t understand the title of this article, YOU NEED to watch this movie.

Have you ever encountered someone that simply doesn’t like you.. for no particular reason? I know how you feel. In my middle/early high school years (I don’t quite remember the specific time), there was a young lady that wasn’t fond of me. I honestly did not understand why. I knew I had done nothing to her but yet for no apparent reason, she made it abundantly clear that she could not stand me. This hurt because I aspired to be like her. She walked with a strut and a confidence that I longed to have.

One day, I gathered up the strength  to ask her what I had done to deserve such harsh treatment. I was sure she was going to roll her eyes and curse me out as she was known to do. But she didn’t. Instead she gave me an answer that greatly perplexed me.

In words similar to this, she said.. “every time you walk in the room all eyes are on you. You command attention. That’s why I don’t like you.”

I was confused. Was she talking about me? Because as far as I was concerned, I blended in with the wall. I felt no one knew I was really there.

It wasn’t until much later in life that I understood what she was talking about.

Recently, my brilliant sister told me this:

“You are so focused on their jealousy and hatred of you that you don’t realize that they see the genius in you that you don’t see in yourself.”

Woah! Heavy stuff! It instantly reminded me of the situation I recalled above.

I did not realize the reason that young lady did not like me was because she saw the greatness I never knew I possessed. I did not realize her disdain of me had more to do with her than it ever had to do with me. I did not realize that although I longed to learn her confident ways, she secretly longed for the greatness I possessed.
What’s my reason for writing this? It  certainly is not out of pride or arrogance. It is to get you to consider the possibility that the reason he/she/they don’t like you is because they see the greatness in you that you fail to see in yourself. That maybe its really not about you but all about his/her/their insecurity.

Remove yourself

Listen, don’t take it personally. First, remove yourself from their presence. Although you can empathize with their pain or insecurity, the reality remains, you are still getting mistreated. NO ONE THAT MISTREATS YOU IS WORTHY OF YOUR PRESENCE.

Pray for them

Secondly, pray for them. No, seriously. Hating them or becoming bitter won’t do you any good. Instead it taints your soul and kills your spirit. Bitterness and un-forgiveness wounds and sickens you more than it does anyone else. Again, pray for them. Pray for their well-being. If you happen to see them around, be kind to them. You cannot control how someone else treats you but you certainly can control how YOU act or react. Therefore, be kind.

Learn your greatness

Thirdly, learn your greatness. Affirm your greatness. Watch the words you meditate on. Watch the words you speak about yourself. Speak and think words that build you up and not words that tear you down.


I’ll leave you with this…

Darling, you harness such greatness within you, it causes your enemies to shudder in fear. You are a fearless and resilient wonder. You are beauty defined.


Until next time,

Emem Joy Emah