My sister and I were having another one of our insightful conversations when she brought up a powerful lesson my father taught her.


She wanted to ask him for something but was hesitant to ask because she didn’t want to hear him say no.


My father perplexed at her hesitancy, took the time to teach her a powerful lesson that stuck with her and has gotten her through some of the most challenging seasons of her life. He said:


“If you want something, just ask. Don’t be afraid of hearing no. Has a no ever killed you?! If you hear a no, at least now you know.”


When my sister shared this with me, it felt like it was the missing piece to my puzzle. It caused me to realize my fear of hearing no (really, my fear of rejection) was holding me back from getting the things I wanted. I immediately felt a release to simply ask.


This week, I challenge you to ask. Speak up and ask God, family members, friends, co-workers, supervisors, and even strangers for what you want. Remember, the worst you can hear is no but at least you asked.


Remember to ASK for what you want this week!


Your brave is showing,



Have you noticed something lately? Have you noticed these days that everyone has something to critique without actually knowing any of the facts?!


I’m sure you have! Over the years, this has slowly become my pet-peeve – popular opinion based on what people want to hear and believe rather than actual factual information.


This week, the internet did not disappoint – Joel Osteen was dragged up and down my timeline. Now normally, I’m here for a good drag, especially when I believe it has some merit. But this time?! This time, the slander against Joel Osteen’s character, in my humble opinion, was unfounded.


In this week’s brand new episode of Take A Shot! With Emem Joy Emah, I share my appall at people’s readiness to annihilate this man’s character without evidence. In addition, I share the lessons I’ve learned to apply to my own life.


This week, I challenge you to go against the grain. Rather than accept popular opinion; do the work, do the research, hear ALL sides of an issue. Do not jump hastily to conclusions. Make your opinion an informed one rather than an ill-informed one. This might cause you to be apart from the crowd but hey, you were born to stand out anyway!


Listen Here


Thanks for taking a shot with me!